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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you offer catering?

No, unfortunately, we do not offer outdoor/indoor catering.

Do you provide a photographer/videographer 

No, unfortunately, we do not offer those services.

Do you offer parking for our guests?

Unfortunately, we do not offer parking in the package. The parking lot is strictly reserved for hotel guests. 

Do you offer any discounts?

Unfortunately, we currently do not offer any discounts for the wedding services. However, you can contact the Southernmost House in order to discuss discounted rates for hotel rooms. 

Where are the ceremony and the reception taking place?

The ceremony will be held on our ocean facing platform.

What happens after the ceremony?

The guest is allowed to mingle among themselves and enjoy our scenic view of the ocean while celebrating. Unfortunately, the pool is strictly reserved for hotel guests.

Are kids welcome if you're an adult only property?

Yes, ceremonies are the only exception in which we will allow children onto our platform. 

Can you accommodate physically challenged guests?

Yes, the location in which the ceremony will be held is at floor level. 

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